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1-A process performed by plants in sunlight for synthesizing food is known as

(A) Phototropism

(B) Photorespiration

(C) Photosynthesis

(D) None of these.


2-The stomatal index directly affects the

(A) Microbial population in the soil

(B) Respiration

(C) Rate of transpiration

(D) None of the above


3-A device for measuring, leaching and percolation losses in a column of soil under controlled condition is called as

(A) Lysimeter

(B) Psychrometer

(C) Evaporimeter

(D) Infiltrometer


4-Which of the following will reduce soil erosion?

(A) High wind velocity

(B) High rainfall intensity

(C) Deforestation

(D) Afforestation


5-Which animal has wallowing habit?

(A) Buffalo

(B) Horse

(C) Sheep

(D) Cow


6-In hydrometer method of analysis, the settling time is maximum for

(A) Coarse sand

(B) Silt

(C) Clay

(D) Fine sand


7-Which chemical is responsible for ripening of fruits?

(A) Nitrous oxide

(B) Propylene

(C) Ethylene

(D) Methylene


8-What does IPR stand for?

(A) Intellectual property right

(B) International property right

(C) Individual property right

(D) Indian property right


9-Aroma of earthy smell after first shower in monsoon is due to

(A) Nematodes

(B) Fungi

(C) Actinomycetes

(D) Bacteria


10-Which crop is suggested to be cultivated for biodiesel production in waste lands?

(A) Jatropha

(B) Soybean

(C) Oil palm

(D) Corn



1-(C),  2-(C), 3-(A), 4-(D), 5-(A), 6-(C), 7-(C), 8-(A), 9-(C), 10-(A)


11-Which plant is used for indication of Permanent Wilting Point?

(A) Sunflower

(B) Wheat

(C) Paddy

(D) Safflower


12-Which clay mineral is maximum in black soils?

(A) Montmollionite

(B) Vermiculite

(C) Illite

(D) Kaolinite


13-Moisture conservation using a polythene and/or organic/inert material covering the soil is primarily meant for

(A) Mulching

(B) Easy cultural operations

(C) Sustained development

(D) None of the above


14-The meat of adult sheep is known as

(A) Lamb

(B) Beef

(C) Mutton

(D) Pork


15-Golden rice is rich in

(A) Vitamin K

(B) Vitamin C

(C) Vitamin A

(D) Vitamin D


16-Which light(s) causes Emerson effect in photosynthesis?

(A) Yellow and green

(B) Red and far-red

(C) UV

(D) White


17-What is the use of a reaper?

(A) Cutting and winnowing

(B) Crop harvesting

(C) Cutting and threshing

(D) None of the above


18-Phenyl mercuric acetate (PMA) is used as

(A) Antitranspirant

(B) Fungicide

(C) Both A & B

(D) Weedicide


19-A soil is called calcareous due to presence of high

(A) Potassium

(B) Phosphorus

(C) Calcium carbonate

(D) Nitrogen


20-Which of the following is not propagated by the plant tissue culture commercially?

(A) Sugarcane

(B) Wheat

(C) Gerbera

(D) Banana



11-(A), 12-(A), 13-(A), 14-(C), 15-(C), 16-(B), 17-(B), 18-(C), 19-(C), 20-(B)

21-Which are the major anions in sodic water?

(A) Flouride and bromide

(B) Chloride and sulphate

(C) Phosphate and nitrate

(D) Bicarbonate and carbonate


22-Evapo-transpiration is a measure of water loss from

(A) Soils

(B) Plants

(C) Water bodies

(D) Both A & B


23-Grow-out test of seeds is done for

(A) Physical purity

(B) Germination

(C) Genetic purity

(D) Viability


24-In which form is nitrogen absorbed by plants?

(A) Nitrous oxide

(B) Nitrite

(C) Nitrate

(D) None of these


25-Which of these affect the soil formation?

(A) Climate

(B) Parent material and time

(C) Topography and organisms

(D) All of the above


26-Which deficiency causes Whiptail disease in cauliflower?

(A) Magnesium

(B) Molybdenum

(C) Manganese

(D) Copper


27-Tetrazolium test is performed to know

(A) Seed physical purity

(B) Seed viability/germination

(C) Seed mixtures

(D) Seed chemical quality


28-Which is an ideal technology for the management of plant diseases?

(A) Integrated disease management

(B) Biological control

(C) Chemical control

(D) None of the above


29-The efficiency of surface irrigation is

(A) More than 90 per cent

(B) 10 to 15 per cent

(C) 30 to 50 per cent

(D) 70 to 80 per cent


30-Which of the following is an example of abiotic stress?

(A) Soil salinity

(B) Nematode attack

(C) Fungal attack

(D) Insect attack



21-(D), 22-(D), 23-(C), 24-(C), 25-(D), 26-(B), 27-(B), 28-(A), 29-(C), 30-(A)

31-What causes leaf curl disease in cotton?

(A) Actinomycetes

(B) Bacteria

(C) Virus

(D) Fungi


32-Bt cotton was developed using a gene from

(A) Virus

(B) Bacteria

(C) Actinomycetes

(D) Fungus


33-Which is a non-ruminant animal?

(A) Sheep

(B) Horse

(C) Both A & B

(D) None


34-A product used to attract male moths of insects is

(A) Ketons

(B) Pheromone

(C) Fenvelrate

(D) Alphamethrin


35-Technique to control shape, size and direction of plant growth is known as

(A) Disbudding

(B) Training

(C) Thinning

(D) Topping


36-An egg shell is composed of

(A) CaCO3

(B) CaO

(C) Ca(OH)2

(D) Ca3(PO4)2


37-Chewing and cutting type of mouth is present in

(A) Army worm

(B) Whitefly

(C) Aphids

(D) Jassids


38-Difference between climate and weather is that?

(A) Both are synonyms and no difference

(B) Climatic condition will change daily

(C) Climate is the long term effect

(D) Weather is the long term effect


39-During grafting or budding union takes place through which tissues?

(A) Cortex

(B) Phloem

(C) Cambium

(D) Xylem


40-The honeycomb structure is found in

(A) Sodic soil

(B) Alluvial soil

(C) Black soil

(D) Laterite soil


31-(C), 32-(B), 33-(B), 34-(B), 35-(B), 36-(A), 37-(A), 38-(C), 39-(C), 40-(D)


41-What is the pH of sodic soils?

(A) 8.5 and above

(B) 8.0

(C) 7.5

(D) 7.0


42-The electrical conductivity of a soil will affect the

(A) Gravitational potential

(B) Matric potential

(C) Osmotic potential

(D) None of these


43-Maximum N content is in which fertilizer?

(A) Anhydrous ammonia

(B) Calcium ammonium nitrate

(C) Ammonium sulfate

(D) Urea


44-CBD stands for which international movement?

(A) Convention of biotechnology department

(B) Conservation of biodiversity

(C) Convention on biological diversity

(D) None of the above


45-Milk is deficient in which element?

(A) Phosphorus

(B) Potassium

(C) Iron

(D) Nitrogen


46-Which of the following is a water soluble fertilizer that is recommended to be used for fertigation?

(A) Urea

(B) Basic slag

(C) Rock phosphate

(D) Super phosphate


47-In which soils infiltration rate is poorest?

(A) Sandy

(B) Sandy clay

(C) Clayey

(D) Sandy loam


48-Seedlessness in grapes is due to

(A) Ovule sterility

(B) Self-incompatibility

(C) Parthenocarpy

(D) Parthenogenesis


49-Photosynthesis takes place in which organelle of cell?

(A) Endoplasmic reticulum

(B) Chloroplast

(C) Golgi bodies

(D) Mitochondria


50-Sowing of a second crop at the maturity stage of first crop is known as

(A) Relay-cropping

(B) Contour cropping

(C) Mixed cropping

(D) Strip cropping



41-(A), 42-(C), 43-(A), 44-(C), 45-(C), 46-(A), 47-(C), 48-(C), 49-(B), 50-(A)


51-What does ESP refer to with respect to soil?

(A) Excess saturation point

(B) Exchangeable saturation percentage

(C) Excess sodium percentage

(D) Exchangeable sodium percentage


52-What is the percentage of phosphorus in DAP?

(A) 52

(B) 32

(C) 46

(D) 40


53-Which of the following irrigation technology is most efficient?

(A) Drip

(B) Surface

(C) Mini sprinkler

(D) Sprinkler


54-Growth of the plants towards or away from the light is called as

(A) Phototropism

(B) Photosynthesis

(C) Photorespiration

(D) None of the above


55-What is hypertrophy?

(A) Inhibition of growth

(B) Enlargement of a tissue due to increase in size of its cells

(C) Abnormal increase in cell number of an organ

(D) None of these


56-Which is not a parasitic weed?

(A) Orabanche

(B) Cyperus

(C) Cascuta

(D) Striga


57-Which disease is transferred from cattle to human?

(A) Anthrax

(B) Rinderpest


(D) Foot-rot


58-Which fruit contains highest amount of ascorbic acid?

(A) Mango

(B) Orange

(C) Aonla

(D) Apple


59-Red-rot disease is observed in which crop?

(A) Bajra

(B) Paddy

(C) Sugarcane

(D) Sorghum


60-Blue revolution is associated with

(A) Fisheries

(B) Meat

(C) Milk

(D) Agricultural crops



51-(D), 52-(C), 53-(A), 54-(A), 55-(B), 56-(B), 57-(A), 58-(C), 59-(C), 60-(A)

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