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1-Sesasoning of timer is done to
(A) remove sap from the timber
(B) straighten the timber
(C) harden the timber
(D) soften the timber
2-High alumina cement is produced by fusing together of mixture of
(A) Limestone and chalk
(B) Limestone and clay
(C) Limestone and gypsum
(D) Limestone and bauxite
3-Extreme end supports of a bridge superstructure
(A) Abutment
(B) Pier
(C) Revetment
(D) Apron
4-The formation of dull patches occurs on the finished polished surface. It is called
(A) Wrinkling
(B) Flashing
(C) Blisting
(D) Bloom
5-The consistency of concrete can be measured in terms of
(A) Crushing
(B) Slump
(C) Impact
(D) Hardness
6-A layer of concrete, .masonry stones etc. culvert or a bridge to prevent scouring laid like flooring at the entrance or outlet of a
(A) Apron
(B) Wing walls
(C) Revetment
(D) Foundation
7-Due to shrinkage, wood sometimes flattens during drying, this is known as
(A) Split
(B) Collapse
(C) Cup
(D) Check
8-The degree of workability of concrete can be found in terms of
(A) Fineness of coarse aggregate
(B) Impact factor
(C) Hardness
(D) Compacting factor
9-The center to center distance between any two adjacent support is called
(A) The span
(B) Clear span
(C) Clear total span
(D) Total span
10-In paint, linseed oil is used as
(A) A water proofing base
(B) A vehicle
(C) A drier
(D) A thinner
1-(A), 2-(D), 3-(A), 4-(D), 5-(B), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(D), 9-(D), 10-(B)
11-Recuperation test is used to determine the
(A) Storage capacity
(B) Porosity
(C) Permeability
(D) Yield of well
12-The horizontal distance between point of curve to point of tangent is called
(A) Mid ordinate
(B) Apex distance
(C) Length of curve
(D) Length of long chord
13-Triaxial Compression test is used to determine
(A) Bearing strength of soil
(B) Water absorption value
(C) Shear strength of soil
(D) Tensile strength of soil
14-The trapezoidal section of a channel will be most economical, when its
(A) side slope is maximum
(B) side slope is minimum
(C) wetted perimeter is maximum
(D) wetted perimeter is minimum
15-The following sights are taken on a turning point
(A) Intermediate sight and fore sight
(B) Fore sight and back sight
(C) Fore sight only
(D) Back sight only
16-A road or a railway over a valley is called
(A) road bridge
(B) causeway
(C) viaduct
(D) an aqueduct
17-The shape of wetted curve usually are
(A) Elliptical
(B) Spiral
(C) Parabolic
(D) Circular
18-Photogrammetric imaging is a method of recording a
(A) Two dimensional view of two dimensional object
(B) Three dimensional view of three dimensional object
(C) Two dimensional view of three dimensional object
(D) One dimensional view of three dimensional object
19-Ground water mainly depends upon the two properties of the underground soil
(A) void ratio and moisture content
(B) degree of saturation and water content
(C) voids and pores
(D) porosity and permeability
20-In a transit theodolite, the Vernier in vertical circle is
(A) Fixed
(B) Always Movable
(C) Either fixed or moveable
(D) Moveable
11-(D), 12-(D), 13-(C), 14-(D), 15-(B), 16-(C), 17-(C), 18-(C), 19-(D), 20-(A)
21-The process of turning the telescope in vertical plane through 180° about the trunnion axis is known as
(A) Changing
(B) Swinging
(C) Transiting
(D) Centering
22-An estimate is a revised
(A) approximate estimate
(B) detailed estimate
(C) final estimate
(D) rough estimate
23-Floating matter, oil, fat, grease are removed in ___ tank.
(A) Sewage tank
(B) Skimming tank
(C) Septic tank
(D) Sedimentation tank
24-A Tacheometer fitted with an anallactic lens, then the value of additive constant is
(A) 0.15
(B) 0.3
(C) 1
(D) zero
25-The estimate which is prepared at the initial stage before execution of works is called
(A) Approximate estimate
(B) Detailed estimate
(C) Main estimate
(D) Major estimate
26-A structure constructed to provide access to the sewer for facilitating inspection, cleaning or usual maintenance operations is termed as
(A) Vent pipe
(B) Soil pipe
(C) Light pipe
(D) Man hole
27-As per IS recommendations, the length of each link in 30 m chain be
(A) 10 cm
(B) 15 cm
(C) 20 cm
(D) 30 cm
28-The quantity of cement required for 1 m3 of cement mortar 1:3 is
(A) 1440 Kg
(B) 720 Kg
(C) 480 Kg
(D) 360 Kg
29-The intake well located near the bank of canal is called
(A) Jack Well
(B) Submerged Intake
(C) Canal Intake
(D) River Intake
30-A sewer which receives storm water, surface run-off and sewage is called a
(A) Outfall Sewer
(B) Branch Sewer
(C) Combined Sewer
(D) Common Sewer
21-(C), 22-(B), 23-(B), 24-(D), 25-(C), 26-(D), 27-(C), 28-(C), 29-(C), 30-(C)
31-Estimate is
(A) the absolute cost of construction
(B) a random guess of the cost of construction
(C) the probable cost arrived at before commencement of the structure
(D) the actual cost of construction of a structure
32-As per IS 456-2000, Grade M 30 is called as
(A) Very high strength concrete
(B) High standard concrete
(C) Standard concrete
(D) Ordinary concrete
33-The presence of bacteria in water causes
(A) Bad taste
(B) Diseases
(C) Alkalinity
(D) Hardness
34-Block shear in a steel member occurs is
(A) compression in one plane and shear acts at perpendicular plane
(B) tension acts on both planes
(C) shear acts on both planes
(D) shear acts on one plane and tension act at perpendicular plane
35-The cross-sectional area of the longitudinal reinforcement of column shall be greater than
(A) 0.65 percent of A
(B) 0.4 percent of A
(C) 0.6 percent of A
(D) 0.8 percent of A
36-The pH value of water for public supplies is limited from
(A) 2.5 to 6.5
(B) 6.5 to 8
(C) 8 to 10.5
(D) 10.5 to 15
37-The maximum value of effective slenderness ratio for a tension member in which reversal of direct stress occurs due to loads other than wind (or) seismic forces shall be
(A) 120
(B) 180
(C) 340
(D) 420
38-In the limit state method, the resultant compressive force in the stress block acts at a distance of
(A) (3/7)x from top
(B) (1/7)x from top
(C) (1/2)x from top
(D) (4/7)x from top
39-The method, which is most widely used for analyzing and designing the pipes of all types of complex water distribution network is
(A) Absolute method
(B) Circle method
(C) Hardy cross method
(D) Equivalent pipe method
40-The nominal cover to the reinforcement for moderate conditions considering the durability requirement shall be
(A) 15 mm
(B) 20 mm
(C) 25 mm
(D) 30 mm
31-(C), 32-(C), 33-(B), 34-(D), 35-(D), 36-(B), 37-(B), 38-(A), 39-(C), 40-(D)
41-A joint is taken for analysis only when there are not more than ___ unknown forces acting at the point.
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5
42-The bacteria which requires oxygen for their survival is known as
(A) Non-pathogenic bacteria
(B) Aerobic bacteria
(C) Pathogenic bacteria
(D) Anaerobic bacteria
43-The value of Rankine’s constant for Timber is
(A) 1/750
(B) 1/1000
(C) 1/1500
(D) 1/2000
44-A small portion of the painted surface is sometimes seen loose. It is known as
(A) Fading
(B) Blisting
(C) Flashing
(D) Flaking
45-The most commonly used disinfectant for drinking water throughout the world is
(A) Chlorine
(B) Lime
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Alum
46-The ratio of the stiffness of the member to the total stiffness of all the members meeting at the joint is
(A) Relative factor
(B) Distribution factor
(C) Stiffness factor
(D) Carry over factor
47-A couple-close roof is used for span upto
(A) 3.5 m
(B) 4.2 m
(C) 9 m
(D) 14 m
48-Temporary hardness of water is removed by
(A) Adding salt in excess
(B) Adding potassium to water
(C) Adding sulphate to water
(D) Adding lime to water
49-The survey used for determining points of strategic importance is
(A) Military survey
(B) Engineering survey
(C) Topographical survey
(D) Archaeological survey
50-The elongation index is not applicable to size smaller than
(A) 6.3 mm
(B) 8.2 mm
(C) 10 mm
(D) 13 mm
41-(A), 42-(B), 43-(A), 44-(D), 45-(A), 46-(B), 47-(B), 48-(D), 49-(A), 50-(A)
51-A pitched roof in which rafters slope to one side only is called .
(A) Lean-to-roof
(B) Collar beam roof
(C) Couple roof
(D) Couple-close roof
52-Inorganic silt with low plasticity is denoted as
(A) LS
(B) ML
(C) LC
(D) MH
53-Dormer window
(A) A window in which shutter can rotate vertical only
(B) A window provided in a door
(C) A vertical window provided on the sloping roof
(D) A small window at a greater height than regular window
54-Poorly graded gravel is generally denoted by a symbol as
(A) GW
(B) GM
(C) GP
(D) SP
55-Photash lime glass also known as
(A) Common glass
(B) Bottle glass
(C) Pyrex glass
(D) Bohemian glass
56-The minimum water content at which the soil will flow under the application of very small shearing force is known as
(A) Plasticity index
(B) Liquid limit
(C) Shrinkage limit
(D) Plastic limit
57-The brick laid with its length parallel to the face of the wall is called a
(A) closer
(B) header
(C) stretcher
(D) course
58-The integral part of the road pavement structure to support the pavement from beneath
(A) Sub grade soil
(B) Aggregate
(C) Binder
(D) Base course
59-The clear distance between any two adjacent support is called is
(A) clear total span
(B) clear span
(C) span
(D) total span
60-Which of the following method of contouring is most suitable for railway and route surveys
(A) Tacheometric method
(B) Cross section method
(C) Square method
(D) Direct method
51-(A), 52-(B), 53-(C), 54-(C), 55-(D), 56-(B), 57-(C), 58-(A), 59-(B), 60-(B)

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